Monday, 30 March 2015

Google Analytics – Gives Wings to your Ecommerce Store

Online businesses and blogs are dependent on search engines like Google and Bing for loads of generic and organic traffic. People across the world are making millions of searches every hour. Some of them are searching for services while some of them are looking for products. If you have worked hard on your site and the search engine optimization then there’s a higher probability that you will gain some good number of customer from these search engines.

Search Engines like Google are not just providing you with the traffic; they also bring to you a new portal where you can analyse the performance of your website and blog. You can analyse the incoming traffic, conversion rate and the other related stuffs.

Google Analytic helps you in understanding the web in a better way. You can analyse the competitive sites and decode their pattern of working and optimization. You can learn a lot about and the search engines if you make optimum use of Google Analytics. For a newbie in the field of technology these all will sound bizarre and look like a mess but with the time it will start making sense to you and then a time will come when you will eat and live on these analytics.
In this sabbatical post of ours we will help and guide you in establishing better reports by making optimum use of the Google Analytics.
Do You Need Google Analytics? If Yes! Then Why?
Consider this, you have an online store in India and you sell DSLR cameras there. Currently you are targeting Indian Audience. Foundation of every business is based on the research like Audience base, market requirement, if this were a physical store then these characteristics would have been conspicuous and you would have calculated these things on your fingers but now that you are online, you cannot do this on your own and hence so you need Google Analytics.
Google Analytics will help you in understanding the market better and in your case ‘Indian Market’.
Setting up Google Analytics for your Store
The setup is very easy; all you need is the basic understanding of Google Account.
Step 1:
Having an email account on Gmail is a must. A report suggested that 76% of Indian business owners make use of Google-mail for their official work. A Gmail account leverages you with license to have an account on all the requisite platforms across the Internet.
Step 2:
You will need to navigate to the Google Analytics and then click on Create an Account option. You will need this account to keep the tracks of all your e-commerce sites.
Step 3:
Here you will need to fill all the details of the website you want to analyse and keep track of. Fill all the details with great intricacy.
Step 4:
Now navigate to the Get Tracking ID and get the tracking code.
Step 5:
On this page, you will see a code. This code will get embedded with the codes of your site and will develop a cosy relationship between the site and the Google Analytics.
Now you are all set to make the use of Google Analytics.

Basic Analytics Reports

Google has made analysis easier for entrepreneurs. If you are an Indian then you can use Google Analytics to check out the outreach of your innocuous business.
·         Real-Time:
This tab allows you to keep an eye on all the things happening currently on your site.
·         Audience:
It brings to you the intricate details of the customers on your site. You can use this tab to know more about the customers currently online on your site.
·         Acquisition:
This tab is boon give it leverage you with the information about the location from where the online users got the link to your site.
·         Conversions:
Leverages you with the option to know more about your sales and conversion rates.
What can you do with this Information?
Google has designed this unique software to allow entrepreneurs from different corners of the world to understand how internet works in a better way.
·         Identifying the sources of regular traffic on your site. You can use this info and spend more time and money on that specific site for deriving more traffic and customers.
·         Understanding the issues related to failure in conversion. You can identify the countries and the states of the customers and you can keep an eye on their requirements.
·         Understanding how other sites are using your site for deriving traffics on their site. You can use this information to help your business grow in a way like never before.

Google Analytics has given wings to Entrepreneurs in India and across the world. The entrepreneurial world in India is amateur; you can make use of such information and achieve clamoring success.
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Monday, 16 February 2015

Simple Things that beautify the business online

If you want to earn in an early age and without much qualified skills, E-Business should be your first choice. Not only it’s an industry that is at its peak on India, it also doesn't seem to come down from the peak for a while. And it’s not just the success; it’s also about so many options and various types of services that it provides which makes it the first choice of most of the budding entrepreneurs.  This charismatic industry has many aspects that highlight its beauty like never before. Let us explore some of them one by one now, shall we:

Knowing what will sell good was never so easy:
“Google” has become internet’s god these days. Anything you want, your any query, everything it provides you. It will also give you the demand list for the current business going on internet. What will sell better and the profits related to it. Who can be your customer and what do they expect which they are not getting. All you have to do is exploit the power of Internet at your disposal. Explore current surveys, talk to your friends what they wish should be online. Jot down the possibilities of the products you can sell, explore their profit and loss and frame your business proposal. You can have it all by the power of a mouse click and of course Ctrl+C(Keyboard shortcut of copy) and Ctrl+V (Keyboard shortcut of paste).

Your involvement always is not necessary:
When you are thinking about starting a business, a happy thought that crosses your mind is that you can relax and take hours off whenever you want once your business is standing and earning. You can sit back and enjoy the hours while cash is getting credited to your account on a daily basis. Of course business requires lots of attention but it doesn't always have to be you. You become your own boss.

You don’t have to do everything:
It’s very difficult to look after business when it’s an end to end process. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. Here is where third parties come in. For the maintenance of your site, hire a team of IT professionals, for your delivery process hire a logistics service. Agreed it might take a bite out of your account but over the time your business will grow and after certain period you won’t notice the small bites that made your business a success to this extent.

You don’t need a fancy degree or programming certificates:
For a start in online business industry the only input from your side can be just your investment. Rest all building blocks can be gathered and taken care of. And with companies like worldmart, it’s like playing with clay. You can give your design, requirements and the monetary fund, rest all will build up itself.  All the worry of getting the perfection you want is the company you paid to get it done. Earning by selling online could never be easier than this.

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Quick Guide To Become An eCommerce SEO Expert

Learning SEO process can really be tough. You are bound to get all confused with the plethora of articles online that have some very vast bank of information regarding the topic. But with this guide you can be sure to have it simplified and learnt as quickly as this article will take time to finish reading.
The Link Ranking Factor
Your ranking is determined by the inbound ranking which is alos the most important factor in determining that. Here is how Google looks at them.
·         The more a page has internal links the more is the ranking on the search engine.
·         Domains also affect the ranking of a page. If a particular domain has many links pointing to it, Google will perceive it as a trusted source and will place it higher on the search engine result pages.
·         The anchor text or the phrase or the words placed within the article that you can click, also account for your ranking. The more the searchable phrase is given in your text as link, more is it likely to be placed higher on the search engine page when they search for that term.

The Unequal Links
The number of internal links may be an important factor in determining your ranking but a still more important factor is the quality of those links.
·         Authority is what the measure of a page. Google sees a page quality in terms of its authority on the scale of 0-10. As the numbers push higher, so does the authority which directly translates into your ranking being placed higher. This is known as the PageRank. Although it is not clear how exponential the system is. But one thing is for certain that it is definitely not linear. It measures how many other pages link to yours and what is their authority individually.
·         Similarly, Google also takes into account the quality of the domain linked to your page. Even if a certain page doesn’t have a page rank but is from an authoritative and a trusted website, it will automatically result into your page receiving a good credit if it is linked to your domain. The domain authority can be estimated through the checking of a website homepage’s PageRank, since Google doesn’t have a specific method for that.
·         You can transfer the PageRank to different pages through links. The linked-to page receives all of the PageRank if all the pages link to one site but if they are linked to multiple domains, the PageRank or the ‘link-juice’ is divided among them. Also, the higher is the link on a page, higher will it be weighted by Google.
The Linking Finesse
Unique Linking
The most powerful link is always the first link that is received by the domain making the subsequent links coming from that very domain as worthless. This is so because Google looks at the links you receive as the votes in your favour. However, the votes coming later to reinforce the confidence are taken only as repetition.
SEO uses this strategy in which the metric calls only for the unique links to the domain, ignoring the repeated ones. It gives you an idea of how popular is your page.
Internal Linking
Linking liberally to your own pages using relevant keywords is a very effective way to make your ranking high. This will increase the reputation of your site because of the heavy backing of the search terms in your site. Though, it will not be so much of help in the improvement of your PageRank or Authority.
Deep Linking
This accounts for all those links of the domain that do not link to the Homepage. When compared to the overall linking, it helps you to estimate the overall usefulness of your content. It indicates Google how relevant your content is to the people searching for the related topic. Secondly, you are also able to raise your rank for the long tailed keywords thus, increasing the authority of your site.
Over-Optimization t=Through Anchor Text
Google is very smart and is able to recognize the naturally inserted keywords and the over-abundance of the keywords that may just be in an attempt to rank higher. Well, in that case, your page often experiences a back blow instead of going up on ranking.
Non-Follow Linking
The links which are generally posted by the users on forums or blogs may not be perceived as reliable by the owner and they do not want to vouch for them. In these cases, the you can go for this option. These non-follow links are like normal links, only, they do not get any PageRank. Therefore, it is like a non-existent link in terms of SEO.
On-Page Ranking
With the coming of search engines, the importance of on-page ranking has reduced but is vital in case you have an ecommerce site where per-page metrics become important.
Meta Title is very important for Google. It is the online description of your page which should comprise of your keywords used.
Page Heading is another important element in which it is better to use the keywords you are ranking for.
Meta Description though doesn’t have any influence on the overall ranking but is important to vouch for your click through rate.
It is better to write a relevant simple and dialogue kind of on-page copy instead of robotic SEO-optimized copy for more natural ranking.
Balance SEO and Legibility
Do not compromise the readability of your content for SEO since it will only result in lowering your pages’ popularity, authority and traffic. And that of course will translate into a lowered ranking. Just be sure to write engaging and compelling title, meta description and content and that will do the trick.
Social Media Considerations
Google rewards those pages a higher rank which have a high popularity on social media as well. This means that if you have more tweets and likes you will directly have a higher search engine ranking. This is why sharing of your content on social media platforms always help in higher placed rank.

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How to Be Successful in Today’s Online Market

Are you trying to take your business to the next level or launching a new store online? Well, you’ve got a lot to do as without hard work you do not get anything in this world. Hard work is a key to succeed in almost everything and the web is not different to the rest of the world.

There are millions of customers out there searching for your product/service every day and it is also true that there are also millions of websites available competing for those customers. Therefore, you can’t just build and launch your online store in India and leave it; you need to try hard to bring people to your store, creating a place where they feel comfortable for entering some confidential information and giving them such a service that they recommend your product/service to their family and friends.

The Secret to Success

What sells online is probably the most asked question by majority of people in Indian market, and again, the answer is work. The difference between one store and the other depends a lot more on how hard they work than what they are selling.
In online business, you can sell directly to customers worldwide. You only need to work hard to exploit such opportunity. And if you’re ready to work hard, you don’t need money at all to get started. So, let’s say, online business is similar to any other regular business, the only difference being it’s a lot cheaper and open to the world. It is same as a traditional business, except your shop or office is online; hence, you need to decide how it looks appealing and attract customers.

As a general rule, launching your new business without being prepared can be a recipe for disaster and that’s why you’re suggested to be prepared as it will set the tone for your business going forward.
When you’re selling your product online in India, whether it’s a single product or tens of thousands, there are several things that you can change on your website that will increase your sales, while maintaining the same amount of website traffic.
Here are some easy and tried steps to attract visitors to your site and getting them to buy. Anyone, from a newbie to a seasoned online entrepreneur in India, can benefit from these tips for success.
Online selling is not just about creating your online store and expecting people/visitors to stumble upon your website and start shopping. Most of the people create online store expecting this to happen, however, it doesn’t work that way. When selling online, you need to focus on learning how to get people to your website. After all, no traffic means no sales and certainly no profits.

It is crucial that you understand how to get your site ranked in top search engines and learn what 
role the social media plays in increasing your online sale. This will be vital for the success of your business and people often underestimate this fact. Just having a great website is not enough; you need to bring visitors to it.

Build Traffic to Your Website

One way to build traffic to your website is to do some keyword research and find out what people search for a particular topic. Typically, the search engines don’t rank ecommerce store pages well as they don’t tend to have a lot of content. And that’s why, it is recommended to create a blog or website matching the topic of your store to help generate leads or customers.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media is the lifeblood for many businesses that brings a consistent flow of customers and traffic. It’s an audience of people interested in your brand and products. As a rule of thumb, you’ll likely want to cover your online business with two largest social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Beyond the staples of these two, you may likely want to join other key social networks as well. Over the time, you will need to discover what works best for your brand.

Be a Customer First

One planning to sell online, must start by shopping online. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you’ll find that it’s not hackers you worry about, but the merchant. Customers need to be assured that they’re ordering from a real and trusted source. Try to implement things that will show you’re real and will help in increasing orders. In addition, your website should offer secure online ordering, maintaining the security of customers’ personal information.
Treat Your Customers Well
Treat your customers as if each one is as important as ten customers. If you treat them well, each one of them will turn into ten customers, creating referral orders for you.
The internet changes so rapidly that one year online equals nearly five years in the real world. However, the principles of starting and growing a successful business online haven’t changed at all.
If you want to know about how to set up ecommerce business in India then read our article on Why should you create an online store?
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Why should you create an online store?

You’re someone who loves trading. You’re well aware that eCommerce is the present AND the future of ‘selling’. A lot more shopping is happening online now than ever before.
To catch up with this trend, you have probably tried out experiments on marketplaces like eBay that allow you to list your product, find buyers and sell your products with ease.
You’ve got everything in place to make money online by selling your products.
All this is good because you’ve now got a hang of how online buying and selling happens. But is this sufficient?
Do you have your own online store? If not have you considered building one?
Below are some great reasons why you should be creating your own online store to sell products.

Own your brand, own your customers
In the process of building your own online store you also build a brand. Your online store will have a unique domain name (the URL that people type in to reach your site), it will have a store logo which you can link up to all your online properties like your blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Your store can also have multiple pages that can explain a lot more about yourself and your business.
When shoppers make a purchase on your eCommerce store, they will recognize that they are buying from you and not a marketplace. Your quality of service & trust that such purchases will create remains with you and will not be shared with another brand. In simple terms – your customers are lot more connected to you & your business.
The rules of selling offline (such as brand marketing) are very relevant even in the online world. Its simple – If you’re into this for the long term – its always better to own your brand.

On your online store – You’re the boss
If you create your own online store, you get to decide your sales and returns policies.
If you are selling on a marketplace you will need to comply with their existing policies. Most marketplaces also regularly change and update their policies. Eg: eBay releases two seller updates, or policy changes, every year.
So as a seller you will need to monitor these policies continuously and make changes to your selling process likewise.
If you don’t comply, there is a high chance your listing are flagged and taken down.
Don’t know about you, but we surely love to have our own freedom when it comes to making policy decisions.
If you have created your own online store, there’s no need to worry about COMPLIANCE. You get to decide your own policies, when to change them & have your own plan to change them. You are a lot more “In control”

Control your tech expenses
Lets take an example marketplace like eBay – A seller on eBay needs to pay insertion fees, which differs depending on various parameters like listing format, final value fees which depends on the selling price plus shipping charges, store subscription level etc., eBay also has extra charges for simple things like International visibility, making a title bold, & having a Buy It Now option on an auction.
So many variables, make the selling process for a store owner very unpredictable.
Compare this to what you can do with your own online store. Most hosted shopping carts including Shopnix charge you a fixed monthly fee to create and run an online store. In fact, we recently removed the transaction fees from our pricing plans. So there is only ONE variable to be worried about when it comes to your technology expenses :)

Choose your payment modes
You know your customers the best. One place where this matters the most is while setting up payment modes.
Some online store owners might think Cash on Delivery should be the ONLY option on their store. While others would want to target an international market and hence want to have “PayPal” as a payment option. You might also want a Demand Draft/Money Order payment method or want to be integrated with a specific payment gateway simply because they offer better transaction rates. On a marketplace you wouldn’t have the full freedom to pick & choose your payment modes.
You can have this freedom only if you own your online store. Most marketplaces are limited in the payment options they provide to their sellers.

Creating an online store was never so easy!
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At worldmart we make it extremely simple and easy for merchants, businesses & individuals to create an eCommerce store.
Typically, setting up an eCommerce store takes you at least 6-8 months depending on the web-agency you work with. But with worldmart, this happens in minutes. Give it a try now!
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Top 5 Ecommerce Courier Companies in India

If you want your customers to purchase from your online store again and again, there is one thing that you can never compromise on – your delivery service. If you make this process hassle-free, a huge queue of customers will start knocking at your online store. In fact, they might even consider switching from their usual brick-and-mortar shops to your online store. Wouldn’t that be great? Yes, it definitely will be.
But Which Service Provider Should I Hire From This Clutter?
Don’t worry. That’s why we are here to help you. Over the years, we have tried out various courier services. Some experiences were excellent whereas some were equivalent to banging our heads against the door. Nonetheless, to save you from all these troubles we underwent, we are providing you with a list of Top 5 Courier Service providers in India in this article that will help you improve your delivery service.
DTDC was unfortunately our worst experience. Maybe that’s because it functions on a franchise model. It means that there is no umbrella organisation that controls the operations of any particular unit. All units function independently, and as a result have independent rates. The worst part of DTDC is that they charge a little higher than other private service providers and lack quality service. Untimely deliveries, loss of shipments are some of the problems we frequently faced.
·         Pick-up facility: 2.5/5
·         Rates: 2.5/5
·         Cash on Delivery: 3/5
·         Deliverable area: 2.5/5
·         Service: 2.5/5
·         Track Shipment: 3/5
·         Overall: 2.6/5
4. Aramex
If you are a beginner, Aramex will provide you one of the best logistics for your e-commerce store. They provide domestic as well as international services. However, irregularity, untimely deliveries, loss of goods, delay in settlement of COD accounts, etc. have been some of the frequently faced problems. Rates begin at Rs.21 per 500 grams.
·         Pick-up facility: 3/5
·         Rates: 3.5/5
·         Cash on Delivery: 3/5
·         Deliverable area: 3.5/5
·         Service: 2/5
·         Track Shipment: 2/5
·         Overall: 2.8/5
3. FedEx
FedEx is an American courier company which provides domestic as well as international courier services. They have limited area of operation; however, they do provide excellent service in the areas they operate. Their prices start at Rs.20 per 500 grams.
·         Pick-up facility: 3.5/5
·         Rates: 3/5
·         Cash on Delivery: 3/5
·         Deliverable area: 3/5
·         Service: 3.5/5
·         Track Shipment: 4/5
·         Overall: 3.3/5
2. Blue Dart
Blue Dart is a subsidiary of DHL. It provides one of the best courier services all over India. They have a wide geographical coverage as they serve 4000 pin codes in India. The only downside of Blue Dart is its cost which is one of the highest in this sector (starts with Rs.30 per 500grams). It is only due to this that Blue Dart has been pushed to number 2 in this list.
·         Pick-up facility: 3.5/5
·         Rates: 3/5
·         Cash on Delivery: 3.5/5
·         Deliverable area: 4/5
·         Service: 4/5
·         Track Shipment: 4/5
·         Overall: 3.25/5
1. India Post
On number 1 position, we surprisingly have India Post. In spite of being a non-private entity, India Post tops all other courier agencies due to its wide geographical coverage, excellent logistics and quality service. It is the best option for beginners as they provide free pick-up service for consignments weighing less than 35kg. Its standard rates are at par with private agencies; however, the quality of service it offers is much better than the rest.
·         Pick-up facility: 3.5/5
·         Rates: 3.5/5
·         Cash on Delivery: 3.5/5
·         Deliverable area: 4/5
·         Service: 4.5/5
·         Track Shipment: 4.5/5
·         Overall: 3.9/5
In conclusion, here is a chart to help you decide on which provider you want to go with.

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