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Impact of Social Media on Internet Shoppers in India

Impact of Social Media on Internet Shoppers in India
With over 2.5 crore online buyers and more than 21.3 crore internet users in the country, India holds great potential for many online business owners. Indian consumers are now spending a significant amount of their time online, according to a recent study conducted by Frost & Sullivan. More than 60% of the Internet users in India spend four hours and more a day for entertainment, networking, shopping and etc. It was discovered that nearly 50% of young urban Indians spend more than two hours on social media sites daily. This suggests that Indian consumers are highly active online, allowing business owners to reach out to them easily.
Social media usage in India
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Clearly, Facebook is the most preferred social media sites in India as it crossed the milestone of 100 million active users on 31st March 2014. Out of these Facebook users, 84% of them access it via mobile, which shows that mobile commerce is also growing strongly in the country. Apart from using social media to network and socialize with their friends, Indian consumers are relying on it to make their purchases, be it as informed choices or through peer conditioning.
Reaching out to consumers through social media
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Generally, consumers are influenced by advertisements, product reviews and product launches that they are exposed to while on social media. A survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan indicates that over 40% of the respondents have purchased one or more items after seeing it on a social networking site and many of these purchases were made after seeing the advertisements on social media sites.
Paid versus Organic social media
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Business owners generally adopt organic social media as it is low-cost and they do not need to waste their time monitoring the results and returns of their paid social media. However, as your business grow, it is important to explore paid social media such as display advertising or search engine marketing. Paid social media helps business owners to inexpensively get your message to prospects where they are active, which is worth the marketing dollars spent.
Brand pages on Facebook are also experiencing a decline in number of fans who see their organic content since they are only targeted at their fan base and those that chanced upon their Facebook page. On the other hand, paid social media allows you to choose your target audience and increase brand awareness. Hence, business owners in India need to think about how to capture their target audience with the right social media tools.
Social media is where the customers are at – but to target them effectively is something that business owners in India need to think about.
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