8 Valuable Practices for Your Mobile E- Commerce Website 10 Best Practices for Mobile Ecommerce Websites

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With more and more people now switching to smart phones, there is an ever growing demand for mobile-friendly platforms of their favorite websites. People want to be connected to the internet 24/7 which means companies should make a conscious effort to ensure they have access to their website 24/7.
For any business that thrives on e-commerce, this should be an absolute must however designing a mobile ecommerce website is no walk in the park. There are plenty of different parameters to consider, like ecommerce templates.
Below we will highlight 10 best practices for designing mobile websites that are involved in e-commerce. Web developers and designers will find this information to be very helpful. A good example of the ecommerce in web development is worldmart.in .

1. Create A Thumbs Up Website

There is one key difference between browsing on a PC and browsing on a Smartphone and that is the way you click. While a mouse is doing that on a PC, users use their thumb for such activities on a Smartphone. With that in mind make sure that you create a website that has sufficient space and design to allow users to easily use their thumb to navigate.

2. The KISS Approach

The Keep It Simple Stupid approach can’t be stressed enough for mobile website. There is no need for complex graphics, graphics or images or too much content. It has to be a very delicate balance of all of the above so as it not turn off the viewer and compel them to go to another site.

3. Pay Attention to Load Time

Page load time is critical. If you thought internet surfers are picky, wait till you meet those who surf through their mobile phones. They are even finickier about slow loading websites. Create an optimized site is that is less graphic intensive.

4. Enforce Call to Action

This means put something on the front page that would compel the viewer to take action. This could be anything from signing up to a newsletter, check out a new post or product review or purchase something. Viewers respond to this approach and there is no reason why e-commerce websites shouldn’t include it.

5. Make Important Areas Of the Website Stand Out

This is a commonly used marketing approach. Highlight the most important areas of the website to catch viewer attention such as special buttons, promotional content, sales events etc. This requires a little research into the mind and psyche of the target audience. Determine what they want to see and then show it on your mobile website.

6. Check The Analytics Data

Analyzing the analytics data of your e-commerce website is a very smart move. It will tell you insightful data about website visitors. For example, which pages are being visited the most? Which pages have a high abandonment rate? Are viewers having a good web experience when visiting your website? These are important questions to ask and your websites Analytics software will provide you answered to these queries.

7. Enhanced Check Out System

A checkout system on an e-commerce website is different than that off a standard one or at least should be. The entire checkout process should be short, quick and streamlined for mobile websites. Some useful tips are to
§  Provide guest checkouts
§  Use Zip code look up
§  Progress Indicators that tell how much farther they have to go
§  Reduce unnecessary fields

8. Optimize For Local Stores

If your business has a location based store or stores, then it’s a good idea to optimize the website according to location to make it a more seamless experience for them. Common examples include adding a map, driving directions on your website.

9. Know Your Keywords

Keywords are the building blocks of any link building campaign which for mobile websites is just as important as traditional ones. Mobile e-commerce websites also require SEO and adequate keyword utilization is one part of it. Your main webpage should target your flag ship keywords to help boost your site’s ranking in search engines.

10. Test, Debug, Fix, Repeat

This should be a round the clock all year long operation. Companies should always test their website for possible loopholes and security glitches. This is particularly true for e-commerce websites as they are most prone to hacking and Trojan attacks.
The above mentioned tips to improve mobile e-commerce websites have a proven track record that can stand as an attestation to their efficiency and functionality. Mobile website owners should carefully ponder these strategies because they carry significant weight among both search engines and internet users. Doing so will surely give them the edge over their competition.

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