Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ready for 2014? Check Out The Latest Web Design Trends

In today’s digital world, we prefer to see newer and better web design trends. People wish to see more and more of the web. Their minds are strongly affected by the latest and the hottest web design trends. The aim of  Web Designers is to provide information in a more effective and cordial manner. So, if you wish to stay in the competition, you need to keep up with the latest web design trends of 2014.
In 2013,there has been an excessive surge in latest web design trends. We are likely to see some of these trends this year too. Now that we have entered in the year of 2014, it is essential to adapt more hotter and cheerful web design trends. Therefore, we bring you a list of the latest web design trends, which are most likely to be seen in 2014. Make sure to check out all of these web design trends.


It is not necessary to make cluttered and heavy designs every time. In some cases, simple web designs can really be more effective. Websites can be made simple, yet elegant. Simple websites can be really effective for portfolio websites, as it can display information more clearly and succinctly.
Visitors don’t like to see congested stuff anymore. You may have heard the phrase “Less Is More” many times, and simplicity can serve the purpose in a more effective manner.. We expect more of simple, yet elegant website design this year.

Video Backgrounds

Video Background web design trend can really come up in 2014. Use of motion pictures in the background, instead of static pictures or text can really be a hot trend. Using video can really attract website visitors, as videos gives a good idea and impression of a business. It not only gives an idea about the business but also convinces the visitors that a business is professional.
Video background web design trend can be a game changer for business websites. It may turn business leads into sales.

Interactive Web Designs

Web design is not only limited to static videos, images, or text. Nowadays, web designers are trying to come up with websites which are user interactive. Interactive sites are those sites which engages users with a website in an interesting manner. I am sure you might have heard about parallax scrolling websites. Such websites are known as interactive websites.
These websites can be really fruitful for users who love web designs and have enough time to engage with websites. Interactive sites can be a good way to display information while a user is enjoying the website.

Mix and Match Typography

Mix and Match Typographic web designs started to become famous in the end months of 2013. These type of web designs are built by mixing different kinds of fonts on a single webpage. These websites are a little crazy in design, but can really look awesome if correct fonts are mixed and matched with each other.
This can be a hot trend in 2014. Earlier these type of designs were found on T-shirt goodies, but making websites with mix and match typography is a nice and bold idea. Maybe this year will see more of such websites with mix and match typography.

Neon Colors

Usage of neon colors on websites could be the latest web design trend in 2014. Neon colors are usually used in fashion industries, where funky colors are used to design clothes. But, 2014 will see the usage of bold, fluorescent colors more in web designing.
Usage of neon colors could emphasize website’s elements and give a bold look to websites. It will make the websites appeal more energetic and real.

Solid Colored Fullscreen Web Designs

Usage of solid colors as backgrounds for websites can really be a good idea, given that right color scheme is implemented on the website. There are lot of websites which use solid colors as their website background, and they have used them efficiently. Many of the web designers think that sidebars should be excluded from the websites and full-screen websites should be made.
Usage of solid colors on a full screen website can be very useful for websites showcasing less information. These websites serve the purpose efficiently. We hope to see more of web designs with solid colors in 2014.

Responsive Web Designs

In the era of digital world where people not only access internet from laptops or desktops but smart phones and tablets too, it’s essential for making a website which is accessible on all devices and looks great on such devices too.
This year will see most of the websites responsive. It is first concern of web designers nowadays to create a flexible layout that looks good on most of the portable devices. The year 2014 will see most of the websites responsive and flexible.

Large Image Backgrounds

Most of the portfolio websites nowadays concentrate on large image backgrounds. It really attracts visitors create a great impact on the people. Using high quality stock images can be a great way for clearing the purpose of a site immediately after a visitor sees it. This is one of the hottest website trend in 2014.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling websites are the websites which have a lot of user generated content on it. If a user scrolls down, the page keeps loading more and more content making the visitor think that the website has infinite content. These kind of websites can be great for websites which has a lot of user generated content and images. One drawback of the trend is that it makes the browser load time slow, which can frustrate a user.

Flat Design

Flat design was one of the major trends in the year 2013. Flat design involves the usage of flat images an text. It avoids any shadows, bevel and emboss. Flat websites display information very clearly and apparently. More and more flat websites might be created this year, witnessing the popularity and interest of the people in flat designs.
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Wrapping It Up

I showcased 10 Web Design Trends that you are most likely to see in 2014. So, choose the trend perfect for you and go ahead, create your website according to the latest web design trends. Do you have any other web design trend that you think I missed? Feel free to drop it in the comments below. We would like to hear from you.


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