A Beginner’s Guide on How To Sell Fashion Jewelry Online

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New to the entrepreneurial world and wondering how to sell fashion jewellery online? You must develop a successful plan from product manufacturing, marketing to shipping. Sounds interesting? Read this valuable guide on how to become a successful entrepreneur by selling fashion jewellery online.
With the rapidly evolving technology, the way we conduct business or shop today has changed drastically. E-Commerce is one such platform that has bagged tremendous success by connecting sellers and buyers on the globe. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, the seller easily earns a good profit without having to make an extra effort, while the buyer gets branded products at a cheaper rate. From the point of marketing the product to its sales and shipping, the E-Commerce platform plays a pivotal role.
There is no better way to impress a woman than present her with jewellery. Subsequently, jewellers around the world leave no opportunity to sell their popular and latest creations to the fairer sex. But that’s half truth, even men today are active seekers of creative jewellery pieces, from neck wear to their ankles. With such a large market potential, it is only wise to sell fashion jewellery online. However, reaching a colossal number of the right audience in the competitive marketplace is significant, because the brick-and-mortar store is incapable of reaching out on a global scale, unless it embraces the E-Commerce platform.
Sell Fashion Jewellery Online- The Procedure
Market Research:
Before launching your online business, a detailed market research on the fashion jewellery products is essential. Doing so would help you sketch a robust business strategy, in terms of marketing and sales of the product, including advertising and analysing the suitable geographical areas, where the probability of sales is high.
Develop a questionnaire that will provide you with an insight about the target market and its demographics. Statistically analyse the results of your survey to ensure that you have all the key elements covered in your research in regards to your business perspective. You can choose to conduct a focused group discussion to get an in depth analysis of your customers’ needs and requirements. Make sure you have analysed your results yielded according to the areas of strengths and weaknesses. You are basically doing something called as a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) in terms of market research perspective. An insight about the target market and the audience that you will cater to will give you a better edge on what direction to head in your business growth
Product Catalogue:
Establish Product Category- If you are contemplating on launching a jewellery sales business, you must first select a suitable category, you may choose a single or opt for multiple product lines. You may want to segregate your items according to genders or age groups.
For example, your product line of rings, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, necklaces or earrings can be mapped for men & women in different sections, or segregated by age groups like children, men & women above 60, 50, 30, or 20 years.
Product Images: A catalog that contains pictures and good description instantly draws customer attention. Furthermore, a neatly aligned catalog makes it easier for customers to flip through the sections and select from relevant categories. Only clear, concise, and attractive photographs of the jewellery piece will sell!
Product Descriptions: A well-defined product description increases the sales value by several notches. Remember, do not make false promises about your product, it will simply backfire and spoil your image.
Product Price- Prior to slapping a jewellery item with a price tag, analyse the jewellery base price, its cost of manufacturing, marketing, and shipping. A fair price will not only make the customer trust you, but you would also gain from the sales and the free advertisement that a satisfied customer would spread.
Website Designing:                           
Boost your business further by creating a website for your company. It could range from a simple template with your logo and “About us” section that contains your business profile to a fully-fledged website with furnished sections dedicated to each section. Additionally, ensure your website is mobile friendly as it will improve your customer reach and help you to increase in your sales volume.
You can actually check out for pre-developed and designed web pages that not only are tailor-made to suit your requirements, but can be enhanced further to become mobile friendly or for E-Commerce requirements, if need be.
Modes of Marketing & Advertising
Your website is ready, what now? Of course, you need to popularize it through different marketing channels to draw traffic and eventually sales. You may solely promote your company’s website, or advertise your products in numerous popular market places in addition to your website.
If planning to launch your own website to sell fashion jewellery online, deploy different online marketing methods namely;
• Email Marketing – This process essentially means that you developed templates to send out your promotions via email to your customers. Design an effective, neat and crisp yet attractive ad campaign specifically made to send out on emails.
• Paid Advertisements- You can post your advertisement for a promotional or a discount offer on popular search engines like Google. You can advertise on social media sites like Facebook by paying a small fee to boost your business in numerous ways.
• Popularizing your website via SEO techniques – Using organically advantageous content on your web pages that abide by search engine policies by enriching it with appropriate keywords and back links will also help you in generating higher rankings on search engines and providing you with better traffic.
Select Payment Method
The E-commerce mode of sales has opened new avenues for entrepreneurs. Now their sales are not restricted to local markets but on a global scale. Thus to meet the growing demands of overseas shipping, businesses should also gear up their payment methods. Secure payment options like debit card, credit card, and PayPal works brilliantly with the audiences.
Shipping the Product
Shipping the jewellery item in a secure packaging material will enhance your company’s goodwill. Remember, not to make your package too big, as it will increase your shipping cost. Also, ensure that your shipping items are packed well using necessary protection like thermocol, bubble wrap, and cardboard packaging. Make sure it is dust, rain, and damage resistant, as you don’t want your customers to receive a broken package!

Selling fashion jewellery online can become easy once you know which direction you are heading and strategic your moves accordingly. Ensuring that you have researched well and have a decent optimized web page will enhance your business further.
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Is your product the ideal one for online store? Use our checklist to verify

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To sell or not to sell? Is this product a profitable one or has a high risk of loss? Too many questions in your mind and unable to choose the right product? Use a check list!
Checklists are quite beneficial while weighing your options. Knowing the pros and cons of a product will always prevent losses in your online store. We have here a checklist for quick assessment of the products you are planning to sell online. This is based on the last few lessons about evaluating a product to be sold online. Assess each product (or a group; for eg., mobile phones) using this checklist to know whether it is an ‘ideal’ one or the one which needs to be avoided.
Mark the options for each of the aspect and evaluate the result according to the key mentioned at the end.
Checklist to evaluate if your product can sell online
Product demand (Google trends analysis)
1.    Increasing trend for product
2.    Moderate increase noted
3.    Fluctuating trend
4.    Decreasing trend for product
1.    Niche market (no competitors)
2.    Moderate number of online stores
3.    Many stores already have it
4.    Widely sold online as well as offline
Local Availability
1.    Not available locally
2.    Available in select areas only
3.    Available in supermarkets only
4.    Available at all stores
1.    Sturdy product, can be shipped with minimal protection
2.    Durable product, but will require careful packing
3.    Will require a sturdy packaging
4.    Highly brittle (such as glass)
Shelf life
1.    Can be stored for months
2.    Can be stored for a few weeks
3.    Can be stored for a few days
4.    Needs to be used within 2 days
Size & Weight
1.    Small size and weighs a few grams
2.    Moderate size and weighs within a kilo
3.    Medium size and weighs within 5 kilos
4.    Big size and weighs more than 5 kilos
Consumable or disposable?
1.    Needs to be bought again within a week
2.    Can last for a month
3.    Lasts for 6 months – 1 year
4.    Can be used for more than 2 years
Market life
1.    Product will be in demand for more than 5 years
2.    Demand can decrease after 3-4 years
3.    Product will be in market for at least 2 years
4.    Can be replaced with newer variety within 6 months-1 year
1.    No restrictions for local sales and sales across the state
2.    Restricted in a few states
3.    Restricted in many states
4.    Restricted for local sales only
1.    Can increase the number of products being sold immediately
2.    Can increase within a short time
3.    Needs about a month to increase the number of products being available
4.    Is a niche product which is made to order; requires more than a month for each product
Product experience
1.    Have been selling on other online avenues such as eBay
2.    Have a retail store selling the same products
3.    Have experience of selling similar products
4.    Have not sold any product till now
Majorly ‘1’: You have the ideal product in mind and you can right away start planning for the online store.
Majorly ‘2’: Not the ‘ideal’ product, but still has the potential to become one with proper marketing and after sales service.
Majorly ‘3’:  Tricky product. With adequate marketing and wise selection of the product varieties, you can still make enough profit with it.
Majorly ‘4’: Risky product. Has a high risk of loss. Reconsider a different product as the success may be short lived.
Although this checklist may not be a perfect one to identify the ideal product, it still gives an insight of the product performance. 
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